Thursday, January 21, 2010

The "Sign" Post

Okay, I'm sure that you've all been out there living your lives and thinking your thoughts, feeding your dogs and cats, planning your plans, and questioning your very existences when all of the sudden, your next big idea is on a three for one special somewhere. It's like, as soon as you come up with an idea that you know is a hit, someone else capitalizes on it big time. Like that time that Charlie Brown and I came up with this great pre-quel to the Batman story where he starts out by traveling the world and learning martial arts from the eastern world (we were in Korea at the time), only to return to the states and see Batman Begins step into the box office.

Well, I have had many of these experiences, but just the other day I was in my local grocery store picking up a few things for dinner when I decided to stop at the comic aisle and see what was there. You see, Miranda is getting really interested in pursuing a career as a tattoo artist and I thought maybe she could check out some comic books for creative inspiration. And there under a pile of assorted tales superheroes that you could file in the "wow that's great that you've got the ability to dress in tights and a funny hat and go in public but I've never heard of you, man" category, is a comic with the album title that I've been considering scrolled across the cover.


You might think that I'm a little superstitious for thinking that this means something, but hey, I would agree with you on that.  The thing is, Tarot cards have a tendency to be correct in my life.  So do horoscopes and signs and wonders.  When I am not sure which way to go, I surrender myself to the whims of the universe, and see where it will take me.  The universe is moving, so if you stand still for a while, you will have moved further than you could've on your own sometimes.  You dig?

But don't let me be misunderstood here, it's not that I necessarily think that all of this mysticism is the guiding force behind things working out in my life.  I think that by allowing my mind to envision the Utopian future that a horoscope and a Tarot card can present, I doom it to fulfilling that future.  By wanting the good to occur so much, I don't allow it to end up any other way.  Then again, it could be that I'm just not letting myself truly see a negative outcome for what it is.  Either way, I'd say i end up with the long end of the stick, and I'd like to point out that THAT is heavy.


M. Chase


  1. of course, you know that sign in the background was stolen? they recovered it, damaged. i have not heard about the case in a while, still not sure if it was taken for the scrap metal or nazi nostalgic puposes...

    work will make you free...

  2. that's right. in fact, it's that story (read in the last days column of the stranger)that led me to entitle my album in the first place. i though that it would be cool take something that was used as a symbol of hate and recycle it into something positive.

  3. it is always a little iffy utilizing any nazi history, one way or the other. especially one as horribly ironic as the slogan "work will make you free" at one of the most notorious nazi death camps. you would probably get a similar response if you used a nazi swastika. only this slogan would be recognize by more literate people and the response would be worse. despite the swastika being an ancient holy symbol, most people will never understand you and you would not be able to rehabilitate it. you will spend far more time arguing to stupid and ignorant people, and in this case very literate ones, than enlightening the right ones. it would be counter-productive. arguing with people is the terrible way to educate them... arguing with ignorant people is the worst way to spend your creative energies. and they will be the ones that will dominate your efforts to get a message across, because it would be radicaly misunderstood by a greater majority. any one that would be ripe for your message would probably be lost in the cacaphony...

    my advice... pick another means of conveying what you want to say.

  4. sometimes shit is the best fertilizer. and though i want to say that I've put a large amount of thought into what you are saying, I still think I'm going to have to go with my gut on this one. in times like ours, i truly believe that work can set us free. and though people have poisoned that idea in the past with a negative association, i think that it still holds true. although i will also add that your argument about the swastica is very compelling. i can only hope that when they burn me at the stake for my wild ideas and controversial ways that they will throw some of my favorite Lemon Skunk and Afgooey in the fire so i can die high.

    i'll still think about it though. Nothing's final.

  5. nah, they would not burn you at the stake... they would probably sideline you and mislabel you. you are better off with "alea iacta est" or "in vino veritas..." not so overwhemingly prewieghted negatively with history. ;)

  6. in honor of this thread i posted two blogs for you... :) they are titled "it seemed like a good idea at the time..." :D hahahahha!