Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's this blog for?

Oh sure, I've blogged before. You know, on myspace and stuff. After 89 posts I had 65 comments and 4455 views. That's the equivalent of driving an e-pinto in a real blogger's eyes, but who says that's what I am? No one. Easy answer to that question. Not even I consider myself to be one. But now, with a little motivation brought on by my choice to participate in an online class at South Seattle Community College, I will finally start a blog to chronicle the process of learning to work in my home studio that i fondly refer to as "The Love Seat."

Though there are plenty of inuendos that I could be making, I am actually just translating my name into French, loosely anyways. It was my friend Conrad who's living in France right now who pointed it out to me that "m" can be short for love in slang, and "chaise" is quite the comfortable lounger. Hopefully one day his band Boneless Butterfly will get the recognition it deserves. Until then, I will blog.

More to follow,

M. Chase


  1. Great to see you first blog post up! I cannot wait to read more! Rebecca

  2. Nice way to lead the charge on what we can do as a final project. I hope more pictures of the "Love Seat" by M. Chase include some French type artsy stills and we get some music clips to listen to of "Boneless Butterfly" --What a cool name!

  3. Right on, thanks for stopping by to both of you!