Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Piso Flow

Much as I might want to give you a stereo recording on this, it shain't be so.  look, i've gotta get going here in a minute, but i wanted to share this with you all.  and just so you know how much i wanted you to see this, i have had to copy and pste every letter "a" in this little note because my "a" key isn't typing.


M Chase Collum

"Piso Flow"  lyrics below:

Call them criminals
then call them up.

Gi've them guns to...
Kill the ones you...

tell your proles that 
"Victory Is Near"
When it's no nearer than last year.

You pack your Goldman Parachute
while you sweep dead under rugs
with your million dollar boots
while you give the poor their hugs

and while the plaines are
Crashing Down
float above in the 
highest of fashion
Oh, how many souls
are swept up in your flow?

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